Monthly Archives: March 2015

Back to Basics

(from Kimberly Powell’s About Genealogy Weekly Column 3-24-2015) It’s somehow been 15 years since I started writing for! I thought I would celebrate this momentous milestone by getting back to the basics….something we all need to do every now and then to keep from missing important clues From cemetery […]

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Who Owns Your Genealogy Data?

(from Dick Eastman’s Daily Newsletter – March 20, 2015) Overheard at a genealogy conference recently (repeated from memory so the wording might not be exact): Person #1: “I won’t put my genealogy information online because I am afraid someone might steal it.” Person #2: “Where did you obtain all that […]

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Invisible Female Ancestors

(from Kimberly Powell’s About Genealogy Weekly Column on March 3, 2015) The individual identities of women who lived prior to the twentieth century are often very tangled in those of their husbands, both by law and by custom. In many places, women were not allowed to own real estate in […]

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