Monthly Archives: September 2015

Five Things You Can Learn From Death Records

(By Kimberly Powell, Genealogy Expert for About Genealogy Weekly Blog – September 15) More Than Just the Date and Place of Death Many people looking for information on their ancestors skip right past the death record, heading in a beeline for information on the individual’s marriage and birth. Sometimes we […]

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Privacy Issues for Family Historians

(Dick Eastman’s Daily Newsletter · September 7, 2015) The MyHeritage Blog has published an article I wrote: Privacy Issues for Family Historians. It discusses some of the things genealogists need to be aware of before publishing their family trees online. As I wrote at the beginning of the article: “Genealogists […]

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Why Did My Ancestor Change His Name?

(from Kimberrly Powell’s About Genealogy 9-1-2015) When we think of tracing our family tree, we often envision following our family surname back thousands of years to the first bearer of the name. In our neat and tidy scenario, each successive generation bears the same surname – spelled exactly the same […]

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