Monthly Archives: January 2016

National Archives Launches Free History Hub

(Dick Eastman – January 20, 2016) The National Archives and Records Administration has recently launched a FREE History Hub, an online research support community, where members of the public can ask questions about research at NARA. The new site is a pilot for the next six months, and hopefully will […]

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Julian Versus Gregorian Calendar Systems

(Ancestry Blog – January 19, 2016) What, you say, that can’t be right. Ancestors’ birthdays don’t just change, do they? They might, if you’re looking at the wrong calendar. Most of us are familiar with a single calendar—the Gregorian calendar, the one we use today. But, depending on the country, […]

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Genealogy Tips: What’s His Name Again?

(GenealogyBank – January 16, 2015) Genealogists pay careful attention to names, searching diligently to find the complete names of every relative. But sometimes those names have been changed. It might be that one of your ancestors or cousins legally changed their name – and it is also likely that changing […]

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